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PRO Notre société



PRO SIEGES MARINE S.A.R.L. was founded in 2017 to continue the maritime activities of SERENISEAT (formerly Atout-Pique) which started over 10 years ago. 

Located in La Rochelle - France, we trade professional seats for the maritime industry in France and in Italy.

Reliable and experienced, PRO SIEGES MARINE has a unique expertise in this specific maritime field. 


We distribute exclusive brands and find the most adapted solutions to develop strong & longlasting partnerships.

Frédéric OLIVIER, owner.

PRO On aime le service !



New projects, new plans ?

Our job is to help you find the right solutions.

We offer wide ranges of products, brands and proven/existing options, as well as 2D & 3D sketches for your technicians.  We work ahead in order to satisfy all your requests ! 

You want more ? You have specific requirements ? Alright ! 

We will help you build the detailed specifications, in order to offer the best suited solution that we will validate using 3D drawings to make sure it fits your G.A. We can also supply tailor made upholstery.

We manage transport, customs and technical paperwork.


Specific 3D design

PRO On travaille ensemble !


Poignées de main

For PRO SIEGES MARINE, it is extremely important to supply you with perfect quality services.

It is important on its own but it is the only way build a successful and healthy business relationship.

That's the way we built up our reputation !

In addition to the existing mutual trust with our suppliers, that allows us to develop a wide range of products, we share our expertise to strenghten our partnerships.


Agent wanted for Italy (except Yachts sector)



Richard Demeule & Eric Lerendu are our french market


experts for the end users through their MARINE MOBILE 

DIFFUSION company, specialized in maritime equipment.

motor quality


PRO Nos références...

Our clients are our pride. We are interested in any size project !

The brands we work with, deliver single units to hundreds of seats projects to shipyards worldwide.

They are used on cooperating with designers for projects on any size & type vessels: navy, yachts, fishing, pilot boats, tug boats, tankers, ferries, cargos, cruise ships...

We are proud to supply an always increasing number of yards and end users in France and Italy. 

Thanks for your confidence !



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